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Boonie Flight Project is a matchmaking and transport rescue here in Guam. We partner with rescue groups, shelters and independent fosters to help fly Boonies in their care to loving homes state side. We use our extensive network of Boonie fans to find adopters for our island super-mutts.

Flying pet's off island is extremely costly. The adoption fees we charge do not fully cover the costs of transportation, let alone vetting for our Boonies. We make up the difference in cost by fundraising, sponsorships and generous donors. Since we operate at a loss, we are not able to take in every Boonie.

Benefits if your Boonie is accepted:

We cover all medical expenses for Boonies within our program. From vaccines, testing and surgeries. We take care of it.

Every Boonie comes with our flight guarantee. On the off chance we do not adopt out your Boonie - we still fly them off island to a stateside rescue!

Quick to fly! Most of our Boonies fly to new homes within 2-4 weeks, this includes both our adults and puppies!

We take care of the adoption! We find and screen all potential adopters and connect you to your Boonie's adopter so you can stay in touch!

If you have a dog or puppies in your care and you would like us to try and find a home for them within the states, please fill out one of our intake forms below!

Boonies submitted without complete information below will not be considered.


intake form

This form is for Boonie's who are under 6 months of age


intake form

This form is for Boonies over 6 months in age

Spay & Neuter assistance

Have a Boonie you need help sterilizing? We wanna help!

With our new program we can provide spay and neuter surgeries for $50, if you would like us to help arrange you getting your pet sterilized, please fill out the below from.

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