Foster DOG Application

Boonie Flight Project is a matchmaking and transport program. We partner with rescue groups, shelters and independent fosters here on Guam to help fly the vetted animals in their care to loving homes state side. 

If you have a dog or puppies in your care and you would like us to try and find a home for them within the states, please read the following before submitting an application.

Requirements for dogs to fly with the Boonie Flight Project:

  • All dogs must visit the vet and have a fecal test prior to enrolling in a flight group in case treatment is needed for worms or coccidia.

  • Puppies are required to have at least their first round of vaccines prior to flying, and adult dogs are required to have rabies vaccination prior to flying.

  • Puppies who are not fully vaccinated (3rd round of shots) are NOT to be allowed outside unless on a patio, or in an enclosed yard that has been treated for parvo. Parvo can live in the soil for 1 year after contamination and Parvo is very common here in Guam.

  • All pets flying require a Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, this Certificate is generated no earlier than 10 days prior to flying. It must be delivered to us 1 week before the flight so we can submit to the Guam Department of Agriculture to clear the pet for export from the island. These certificates can cost around $75 for a vet to generate.

    • We do network with local veterinarians who give the flight group bulk discounts for vaccinations, fecal tests, or the Heath Certificate. We will make all and every attempt to have this done for your pet at a discount or free. But if not possible, the rescue group and/or foster are required to cover the costs associated with the pets veterinarian care and health certification. ​

  • Assist with the cost of the flight kennel. For puppies this tends to be around $30 per puppy. For adults, it can range from $60-$150.

    • We also try to reuse kennels, take in donated kennels, and find ways to waive this fee. But if not possible, we will need assistance coving the cost. ​

What do the adoption fees cover if not the vet bills?

Flying pet's off island is extremely costly. Currently the adoption fee we charge adopters in state only covers about 90% of the plane ticket for puppies. This means the adoption fee does NOT cover any of the pre-vetting or kennel cost. Our fundraising efforts go to covering the other 10% for puppies and off setting the cost of adult dogs (which can cost $1,300-$2,500 for the plane ticket alone)

If you are OK with our programs requirements, please fill out the application below. If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at: 

Puppies or dogs submitted without complete information below will not be considered.